Introducing Menopause Movement

An introduction to CIMSPA training providers, Menopause Movement, the professional development e-learning menopause training course to educate health and fitness professionals about menopause health.

Introducing Menopause Movement

Welcome To The Menopause Movement Mothership!


Who are Menopause Movement?

We’re three passionate menopause warriors who share a common goal of creating a supportive community for the health and fitness pros who treat and train women going into menopause, motivating, and hooking women in, so they get on board with taking control of their own health and wellbeing.


The three of us connected delivering energising, positive and empowering training events for the public, in businesses and for health professionals. We’ve pooled our passion, talent, and experience, to create the gold standard, menopause-awareness training platform and the world’s first menopause collective, a network directory, exclusively for health and fitness pros.


Why does movement in menopause matter?

Menopausal women are a rapidly growing and never-ending demographic but are woefully under by the fitness and health industry. Research published by Women In Sport found that women’s desire to be active in menopause is high, but too few women are enjoying the accepted social, physical and psychological health benefits of being active.


Ageing women feel dismissed, invisible and irrelevant, and this rings true for sport and exercise where women don’t feel welcome. We hate to see this inconsistency in what women want and what they do. With lack of engagement underpinned by the physical, menopausal and other barriers, such as lack of time, knowledge and confidence, there’s a major opportunity for those who treat and train women in a professional capacity - whether it’s a fitness pro or health professional, women will listen to their advice, so what a chance to share what will help women thrive in menopause.


How can health and fitness pro’s help menopausal women?

Movement and exercise are chock-full of non-negotiable benefits for the menopausal body, to maintain muscle mass, bone mass and strength.


Menopause, with its reduced levels of the hormones that have previously kept women healthy, strong and fertile, can impact on all aspects of women’s bodies. What has worked for women previously in terms of diet and lifestyle, may not be sufficient and changes need to be made – small tweaks for some and seismic shifts for others.


Women will stand on their head if they think it’ll improve their symptoms – but what should they actually be doing to strengthen their body and minds and how can professionals help? Evidence backed training around menopause is in short supply. We intend to change this with our specialist training platform!


About The Menopause Movement Course

Our CIMSPA endorsed menopause e-learning course offers 4 CPD CIMSPA points. The 9-module, online, on-demand course takes in a range of multi-disciplinary perspectives, offering the latest evidence, practical, high-impact information HCPs and fitness pros need to take their practice to the next level.


The Menopause Movement course is delivered by top menopause and movement experts, the ones who dare to present clear, practical solutions to this complex and challenging stage in a woman’s life. From gynaecologists, physio’s, psychologists, dieticians and nutritionists to strength and conditioning – our experts will help a professional’s practice flow easily and with fun, for the women who will benefit from the advice and training around menopause that comes from a place of knowledge. And, as an added extra, we’ve got a module on how to use this knowledge to develop your business to reach these women!


Our Community

We’re not just about a course. We’re creating a community for our members, the Menopause Movement Mothership!


On completion of the modules, participants join our online Menopause Movement Network – an online directory available to the women who’ll be looking for the right HCP & fitness practitioner support as they navigate menopause. Women can be confident that anyone on ourNetwork has the key knowledge, understanding and awareness of menopause to underpin their practice.


Being a member of our lively network means connecting with other members, creating a professional community, accessing ongoing training and the latest research in our Menopause MovementClassroom programme.


And final words to our co-founder, Christien……

“This is the course and network I wished I would have had access to seven years ago when I started my interest to better understand what happens to women going into the menopause.


This was the same for my work friends and the fitness pro’s we worked closely with, we all felt confused and ill-informed.


If we are lucky enough to live long enough, all roads for women lead to menopause, why are there so few courses that focus on this massively important change?”


Join us on our Menopause Movement Mothership!


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