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Menopause Training

Become a certified expert in treating, training and nurturing women going into menopause.

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Our dynamic, evidence-backed, multi-disciplinary menopause training course is grounded in women’s physiology.

It’s built to help advance your professional development in the menopause arena, ensuring women get the most up-to-date treatment and exercise prescriptions.

Together we can build a world where women in menopause are valued and supported to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

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Our multi-disciplinary menopause training course will help you to:

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Improve your 

Apply new areas of understanding to teach, train & treat menopausal women confidently & intelligently.

Our course will guide you through the changes, teaching you what women need and what they don’t need so you can factor this into your professional practice.

For all qualified health or fitness professionals.

Enhance your Knowledge

Improve your understanding of changing hormones and learn how to integrate this knowledge with rehab, clinical treatment, athletic coaching, personal training, exercise classes and pilates & yoga.

Our vibrant digital training programme embraces the highest standard menopause guidance, delivered by selected experts in their field.

Connect with a

Menopause movement is the world’s first specialist menopause training collective. Network, cross-refer and share with other Menopause Movement accredited professionals.

Together we can build a world where all women are inspired to help themselves and each other into menopause.

Shape your

Unlock new opportunities for business growth and work with a huge cohort of menopausal women looking to age well, stay healthy and who need your support.

Learn social media strategies and messaging to help your business connect with your target audiences.

Enjoy Online Training
Led By Experts

Our high-impact practical learning course modules have an emphasis on fun and connectivity.  They’re all delivered by our expert trainers who present clear and empowering solutions to this complex and challenging stage in a woman’s life.

Master Content
At Your Own Pace

Our modular course is designed to fit in with your busy life and is split into bite-size sections to be accessed at a time & pace that suits you. On top of our core modules, you can access our ongoing expert MasterClasses that take a deeper dive into some of the more specialist areas of women’s health and wellbeing.

Be a Menopause

After completing our course you will become a certified Menopause MOT professional and you will receive an email certification confirming the CPD hours you’ve completed. You’ll also be able to use our branding and logo on your website and in your workplace.

Enjoy Exclusive Community Access

You will be invited to join the Menopause Movement® Network open to all women looking for professional menopause support. Join our community to connect with other health and fitness professionals, receive referrals from other members and share ideas. You will also get regular updates from our experts.

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Course Curriculum

Module 1

Moving into Menopause

Module 2

The Pelvic Floor & More

Module 3

Why Movement Matters

Module 4

Redefining Resistance Training

Module 5

The Menopause Mind

Module 6

Menopause Diet & Smart Nutrition

Module 7

Weight Management & Behaviour

Module 8

Growing your business online

Module 9

Menopause Movement Network

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We are committed to making our course accessible and affordable to all health and fitness professionals. We offer scholarships to practitioners and teachers who practice in their community free at the point of delivery. Reach out to us to find out more. 

Improve your Confidence

Enhance your knowledge

Connect with a community

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Improve your

Enhance your Knowledge

Become a member of the Menopause Movement Network.

Finishing the training course is only the beginning. You’ll open the door to ongoing masterclasses, mentoring, blogs, the chance to be part of pilot studies, community work & much more.

Our community, the Menopause Movement Mothership, will be the go-to place to meet and connect with menopause professionals just like you.

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