Menopause & Movement: How to change the narrative!

March 19, 2024 7:00 PM

Get the lowdown from two Menopause Movement coaches who are changing the narrative around menopause, movement, mindset and nutrition.

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Menopause & Movement: How to change the narrative! will be held on Mar 19, 2024. Register now to join.


This webinar is free to view live online on 19th March at 7pm. It will be recorded. The recording will be available free to view exclusively for members of our Menopause Movement Network Community in Circle. Available to non-members (£19.99), via our website 'Shop', on our 'Webinar' page.

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Menopause & Movement: How to change the narrative!
on Mar 19, 2024

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Enhance your skills as a menopause coach and grow your business

Ever wondered how fellow coaches, fitness and health pros have transformed their client approaches for menopause? Now's your chance to find out! Tune in for an engaging quick fire question round, followed by a panel discussion featuring three remarkable members of our Menopause Movement community. They'll share wins, lessons learned, and strategies for empowering women through resilience, movement and changing nutrition needs during this phase.

Whether you're considering enhancing your skills; already working with this client group; highly experienced, or simply curious to learn, we invite you to join us for a collaborative discussion. Together, let's enrich your expertise, better support women, and help grow your business in this specialised area.  

Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and make a positive impact! Be part of the discussion, ask questions, and share your own journey with us!

What will we cover?

·     The multi-layered approach for working with menopausal clients – from the physical to the hormonal and emotional aspects.

·     Strategies to motivate and boost women's confidence in making and maintaining lifestyle changes.

·     The important role you, as treaters and trainers, play in helping clients overcome barriers and navigate challenges associated with menopause.

·     Why a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work and the importance of tailoring support to increase a client’s confidence.

Who's in the hot seat?

Menopause Movement members:

Julie André - Coach & Resilience Consultant: As an experienced Coach and Resilience Consultant, my passion lies in empowering individuals to flourish in their professional and personal lives. Inspired by my Menopause Movement training, my (Meno)Pause for Thought Program was born, enabling me to deliver impactful sessions globally. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.
Catriona Courtney - Sport & Exercise Nutritionist: Catriona Courtney is a Registered Sports and Exercise Nutritionist (SENr, BSc. MSc.). Catriona's expertise is in the area of exercise nutrition and fuelling movement for midlife women. Her mission is to help women to eat to fuel an active lifestyle and help them to live the strong,energetic and vital life they deserve through perimenopause and beyond. She is 52, perimenopausal, a mum of 4, Ultra and Trail runner and loves encouraging more women to take on adventuous challenges in midlife.

Enjoy a packed programme and join the online Q&A

This engaging evening will offer you additional insight to change the narrative of women's perceptions of menopause, movement, mindset and nutrition.

You will add a valuable resource to your menopause coaching tool kit to help women move confidently into menopause!

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