Nine steps to menopause expertise

Our online learning curriculum allows you to grow your knowledge and expertise wherever and whenever you like. You'll also be able to build connections with other members, share knowledge and promote your business.

Module 1: 
Moving into Menopause

Take away the medical perspective you need to understand what happens when women move into menopause:

  • Understanding women’s reproductive system
  • Stages, phases and management
  • HRT: when do the benefits outweigh the risks (you’ll leave with a clear understanding of benefits and risks) and the range of HRT on offer
  • The bladder, a barrier to exercise - a gynaecological perspective

Module 2: 
The Pelvic Floor & More

What happens to women's intimate health covering sex, poop and bladders? You’ll discover:

  • What works and what can be left on the shelf – why does it matter so much?
  • How to activate your pelvic floor muscles
  • How to confidently teach pelvic floor rehab in a 1-1 & group setting

Module 3: 
Why Movement Matters

Discover how to help women build a rock-solid fitness foundation into the menopause, so you can integrate this in your practice:

  • How best to work with women to optimise their heart, bone, mental & metabolic health.
  • The science behind movement, hormones, changing physiology and early risk factors.
  • Why muscles are women’s best friend into the MP & the specialist knowledge you need to train women
  • Why muscles are women’s best friend into the MP & the specialist knowledge you need to train women

Module 4: 
Redefining Resistance Training

Why strengthening, recovery & fitness in menopause matters:

  • How to appropriately scale resistance training to match the needs of peri and postmenopausal women.
  • How to confidently integrate pelvic floor training into exercise
  • When and how to load & unload tissues and when to do something different.
  • Recovery and working with the training athlete during the perimenopause & into the menopause

Module 5: 
The Menopause Mind

Gain an understanding of the psychological impact and complexities' of the menopause mind plus, solutions:

  • How menopause affects brain function.
  • How the brain can rewire itself.
  • The bridge between the plasticity of brain function & movement.
  • Using CBT & mindfulness to benefit mental & psychological health.

Module 6: 
Menopause Diet & Smart Nutrition

How does nutrition support women’s hormonal health, energy levels and mood?

  • Hormone balance – the impact of stress and how nutrition can help
  • Energy – discover how to renew energy, focus and vitality through diet
  • Digestion – the role of the gut microbiome in managing menopausal IBS

Module 7: 
Weight Management & Behaviour

You will learn the impact of menopause on weight management, heart & bone health:

  • Weight management – what may work and why, for a sustainable diet
  • How a healthy diet can prevent heart disease going into & after menopause
  • The impact of diet & exercise for boosting health in ageing bones.

Module 8: 
Springboard Your Business

Find out the best ways to grow your business online in this crash course from resident Menopause Movement Marketing wiz Charlie Apthorp.

Hear how to bring it all together, taking away:

  • Growth Marketing and the Pirate Funnel Framework
  • Winning Strategy including Positioning, Targeting and Personas
  • Generating Demand and growing through referral

Module 9: 
Menopause Movement Network

There’s no need to say goodbye following the course completion. MPM course certification automatically enrols you into our exclusive network, with all the Menopause Movement benefits. Discover:

  • The SEO & content you can use to promote your business
  • How the community will connect you with other health and fitness pros
  • Ongoing training opportunities through specialist CPD masterclasses & mentoring opportunities.

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