The Pleasure Zone


Lifting the lid off lowered libido in menopause

What will you take away from the pleasure zone session?

  • A greater understanding of women’s vulvae and vaginal anatomy
  • The vocabulary needed to about vaginal atrophy that can affect libido
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Women can reclaim their sex life
  • Desire and pleasure have to take your pleasure seriously because it’s good for you
  • Eroticism curiosity about what you enjoying life and being grateful for what you find
  • See you in body what excel one body confidence is at an all-time low

With women’s health physio Christien Bird; clinical sexologist, sex coach and yoga teacher Leann Cordingly and Becks Armstrong who has 20+ years of experience of working with women to improve their libido.

Welcome to the Pleasure Zone!

February may well be the month of love but what if you’re one of the many women who’ve lost their lust for life and love, or just find sex too painful to bear?

On February 22nd, we’ll be joined by two formidable women who want to help you get your groove back.

Clinical sexologist, sex coach, yoga teacher, Women’s Circle creator and host Lee-Ann, founder of All You Yoga, is passionate about holistic physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She’s a fierce cheerleader in pursuit of women’s empowerment and sexual pleasure goals. She wants to help you drop the shame and step into your fun and playful side.

Women’s health specialist, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, doula and health educator, Becks Armstrong is the founder of - the first mindfulness app created specifically for the issues that arise during peri/menopause - including sessions specifically for libido reconnection. For over 20 years she’s worked with women who’ve lost their libido and she’ll be sharing a practical view using her experience, knowledge and humour.

The evening will be hosted by Christien Bird, clinical lead and co-founder at Menopause Movement. She’ll be taking a dive into women’s pelvic areas, including vulvo-vaginal atrophy (VVA) also known as ‘uro-genital symptoms of the menopause’. VVA is a condition that she too often treats only to find women have been too ashamed to discuss symptoms, delaying the treatment they deserve.

Why does VVA matter?

  • VVA is widely reported to affect 70% of menopausal women but as only around 7% get treatment, that figure could actually be far higher.
  • Itching, burning and sore vulvas, vaginal dryness, feeling like you have thrush, or a urine infection can all be signs of vulvo-vaginal atrophy. 
  • Common symptoms include painful sex and it also affect sexual activities, relationships, and can make daily life, especially physically activity and tight-fitting gym gear, extremely uncomfortable.

The Pleasure Zone, supported by Sylk, aims to help you find your sweet spot!

What will you take away from this empowering event?

  • A greater understanding of women’s vulvae & vagina anatomy 
  • The vocabulary needed to talk to Health professionals, so you get the correct treatment for VVA - don’t be embarrassed to ask for help!
  • How to reclaim your sex life.... use lube - don’t just put up with it!
  • Overcoming anxiety - don’t fake it, there is good reason to make it!
  • The clitoris – we’ll enlighten you on the clit bit!
  • Desire and pleasure – how to take your pleasure seriously because it's good for you!
  • Eroticism and it’s full meaning - be curious about what you enjoy in life and be grateful for what you find!
  • How to embody your erotic self - when body confidence is at an all-time low!
  • An insight into toys and other fun bits – how to get your grove back?

This FREE LIVE ONLINE EVENT is only available on Zoom at 7pm on the evening of 22nd February. Event registration closes at 4pm on the day. 

A recording of the event will be exclusively available to Menopause Movement Network Community Members only.

Everyone registered for this event will be eligible for a FREE SAMPLE of Sylk* natural intimate lubricant.

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