Movement & Leaking in Menopause


Movement & Leaking In Menopause: Supporting urinary incontinence during exercise

Learn how you can help support women around leaks when exercising.

From Dr Alex J. Kermack, Clinical Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton, and Dr Aggy York, Clinical Lead for Rochdale and triathlete discussing how to overcome urinary leaks when exercising and competing.

Many women stop exercise going into menopause due to urinary leakage

This webinar will provide you with the toolkit to offer women pelvic floor training and support to help them live normal active lives peri and post-menopause.

You will be able to talk to clients in with confidence empowering them to seek help, safe in the knowledge that there are very effective solutions to reverse their stress urinary incontinence.

Learn from our experts

Alexandra J. Kermack (AJK) is an NIHR Clinical Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton and Senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

Her research interests include lifestyle and Women’s health. She has thirteen peer reviewed publications and has presented at numerous national and international conferences. She has applied for ethical approval to examine the effect of the Contrelle Activgard intravaginal device on the quality of life of women with incontinence.

She is well placed to offer advice to women who are experiencing stress urinary incontinence and help them find effective solutions to change a common problem that is fixable.

Dr Aggy York –GP, mum and triathlete

Aggy is the Clinical Lead for Rochdale and represents Rochdale GPs on the Governing Body. Her role involves liaising with Rochdale practices to ensure they are engaged and up-to-date, as well as overseeing improvement in the quality and provision of clinical care for the borough.

Her total enjoyment of her passion for running has been held back by a persistent problem: stress incontinence. Whenever she ran, her bladder would leak. And not just a bit. A lot. To the point where she would be soaking wet by the end of even a short run.

“One pad was never enough, and there was no question of wearing fashionable brightly-coloured, skin-tight leggings which would immediately give me away.”

“I just didn’t understand why I could be at my fittest, with a strong pelvic floor, and have done my best to make serious lifestyle changes, but still leak. It was baffling.”

“I ran in a tutu to hide my leaks until Contrelle stopped them in their tracks.”

Aggy shares her experience of managing her urinary incontinence and how she can now continue her enjoyment of movement into menopause and beyond!

Join our vibrant and openly frank online Q&A

Learn how you are best placed as a professional working with women experiencing leakage, to offer guidance and signpost them to effective, long-term support.

Together we can help women move more confidently into menopause!

This event is in partnership with Contrelle Activgard.

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