Feeding Menopause


How diet helps relieve menopause symptoms & maintain a healthy body and mind

Menopause weight gain and gut health can get women down.

Registered dietitian and founder of menopause support community, Harley Street at Home, Nigel Denby is super experienced in the world of women’s health, menopause hormones and weight management. Hear what Nigel's got to say about the role of diet for managing menopause and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Find out more about:

  • Debunking the fitness industry myths about weight management
  • The importance of movement and restorative exercise to rebalance hormones and manage weight
  • The correlation between menopause and digestive health
  • IBS and the gut microbiome

Take away practical insights into how the gut microbiome impacts women’s gynaecology and discover the long-term solutions that will help.

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