Hi, my name is Yvette, the Founder of Yvette Flow Pilates. I'm a certified and experienced Pilates Instructor. I was born in Sydney, Australia and I am currently based in Northern Italy.

I have trained in classical Mat Pilates and Barre with Balanced Body. I teach private clients, small groups and have an online studio and APP.

My passion for Pilates began during my personal practice. I was attracted to the total mind/body focus that the exercises demanded and I enjoy seeing how Pilates transforms people's bodies into stronger and healthier bodies and how it helps people who were in pain, out of pain.

I've just turned 50 and although I don't feel as if I've experienced any peri menopause symptoms, I know my menopause journey is upcoming and I want to help any of my clients and future clients going through this stage of their life to know that they are not alone and I am here to help them anyway I can through regular exercise and good nutrition.

Yvette Oakman

Pilates Instructor