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I am Sandra and I empower women in midlife to break free from the endless and frustrating yo-yo and fad diet cycle. 

I am a recovering perfectionist, a bit of a foodie, and in perimenopause. I am passionate about nutrition & fitness and embrace all the different roles these play in our lives & health.

I suffered from disordered eating when younger and this unhelpful way of thinking stuck with me for years, leading to unhelpful patterns of thinking. 

A chronic pain condition stopped me in my tracks (literally) in 2016 and forced me to re-assess my lifestyle, mindset, and beliefs, including the stories I told myself. 

All of this has taught me to take a more self-compassionate approach and work with my body, not against it. It has shown me how I can be the CEO of my own health and well-being, both now and in the future.

My clients come to me, seeking to lose weight and wanting to break free from the yo-yo diet cycle. We work together and take it beyond the scales. 

I empower my incredible ladies to prioritize their health and wellbeing and improve their relationship with food and their body, instead of 'just' focusing on the scales. 

We pay attention to their:
- Mindset and how unhelpful thoughts and long-held beliefs can sabotage their progress
- Activity/ movement and finding what they enjoy
- Eating habits & relationship with food
- Stress reduction
- Sleep
- Setting boundaries
- Fun & joy

This puts them in control of their weight (loss) and health so that they can spend more time and energy doing the things they love instead of dieting. 

Sandra Milburn

Online Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer