My name is Roisin O'Bentley and I am passionate about helping people regain their fitness and live their best lives, pain free!

I have been obsessed with understanding the human body from a young age, always watching "The Human Body" as a kid and actually looking forward to biology classes at school. After initially training as a holistic and deep tissue massage therapist and opening my own business, my thirst for knowledge and desire to help people grew.

I retrained as a physiotherapist and have never looked back. I have been fortunate enough to gain experience in an array of areas in both the NHS and privately including outpatients, community and GP surgeries, helping people from all walks of life get fitter and stronger and live their lives without pain.

However it is women's health where my passions lie - helping women regain confidence in performing daily activities, maintaining a strong and healthy pelvic floor and lead a full life without the fear of leaks. The stigma and embarrassment surrounding bladder problems coupled with the acceptance that this is a normal occurrence following childbirth and/or menopause, is one that I want to combat with open discussions, provision of knowledge and simple exercise. I firmly believes that jumping should not be an activity you only do as a child!  

I have continued to broaden my knowledge and skill set with further study in lymphatic drainage massage, pregnancy and pelvic floor rehabilitation therapy and urinary continence therapy, as well as completing a mentorship with the Go-To Therapist.

I believe that everybody is unique and that is why I take time to fully understand you, your needs and goals and provide a holistic assessment of your concerns in order to create a bespoke therapy therapy plan just for you. Through this careful, unique and comprehensive approach, I have helped many women live their best lives once more.

Roisin O'Bentley