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Polly Mann Pilates


I am Pilates instructor based in Norwich. I am passionate about women's health and supporting women through the transition into middle-age and beyond. I want to help women get strong, build their self confidence and to encourage them to focus on bringing more joy into their lives.

I love to add weights to my classes and use props such as bands, balls etc. My classes are upbeat and will leave you feeling re-energised and ready to take on your day. 

I am interested in the holistic approach to wellness through exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. I would love to create a community where like-minded women can meet up, exercise together and feel comfortable to talk about their symptoms, feelings etc in a safe and non-judgemental environment. I know from the experience the power of a community supporting each other- we can do anything when we have the right people around us.

I am in my 40's with two young children and on my own journey into middle-age. I have embraced this stage of my life and feel more confident and stronger than I have before. I feel I have taken control of my wellbeing and I am looking forward to this new stage of my life. I enjoy strength straining, pilates, yoga, mediation, walking and love the incredible benefits of sea swimming. 

I look forward to supporting and excerising with many more women/friends and creating a community here in Norfolk. 

Polly Mann

Pilates Instructor
Norwich, UK