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Patrice is an Entrepeneur, Investor, Menopause Health Practitioner and C.E.O. of Shaddai Health, with a love for public speaking.  Her journey and interest in Health & Wellness began over 25 years ago, and her passion is to help people achieve their good health goals. 

Menopause hit Patrice like a Sunami without a warning. After experiencing eight years of tumultuous menopausal symptoms and visiting doctors but not getting answers, Patrice, through a girlfriend learnt that she was perimenopausalThis revelation caused her to go on a journey of discovery and to become her own rescue with God’s help. 

She began questioning women on the menopausal journeyHer turning point came when she opened up to a group of women her age in a WhatsApp chatShe explained her symptoms and wanted to know if any other woman had similar experiencesThe chat blew up all day as women shared their stories. It left Patrice with more unexplained questions. 

“Why were older women are not passing on the information to the younger women?” 

“Why do most women enter menopause so clueless?” 

“Who is responsible for educating women?” 

Recognizing the gap, Patrice began studying the topic of menopause as well as interview and conduct informal surveys for answers. In January 2021 after much planning, Patrice & a friend co-hosted Menopause The Dialogue. A web television show that focused on helping women understand menopause. In 2022, she became certified as a Menopause Health Practitioner. 

As a Menopause Health Practitioner, Patrice offers guidance, support, information and tools to helps women navigate menopause. She has a private Facebook menopause support group where she mentors women across the globe, called Menopause Survival Care that any women can request to join. 

Patrice Lockhart

Menopause Health Practitioner
New Providence, Bahamas