What struck me the most after seven years of coaching fitness is that Women are so unique and strong by the simple fact of how frequent life and our body require us to RE-NEW and ADJUST: it starts with puberty, then with pregnancies, motherhood, from forties with these decade towards menopause. When I finally understood that woman hormones are our boss and fluctuates in circles, it was a true life shift for me and was able to re gain control.  Hormonal imbalances and transitions cause real mess and a lot of discomfort and pain, both physically and mentally. Women don't have a lot of knowledge and feel stuck and alone in their suffering, wondering if it is normal and what to do.

That's why I created on top of my Zesty Fitness class programme a specific online course for women over 40+ called: ZEST For Midlife: The Healing Power of PAUSE. This course helps women to overcome their frustration of weight gains and body changes, their fear of aging and failure to be where they wanted to be while reaching the midlife milestone.

Hi! I'm Marion and I founded Zest For Life STUDIO, a boutique fitness studio in Spring 2016 as a unique place to share a zesty moment of happy movement, to embrace our body power and relieve our mental and physical limits. I am passionate to infuse joy and personalisation to your exercise sessions to help women “Living at their ZEST(best)!

But I realised that MOVING and EATING HEALTHY IN MODERATION WAS NO LONGER ENOUGH FROM 40. Something was shifting. Guess what: Hello, Hormones! Women from 40 must understand, OWN and thrive this new season to life in full zest. That 's why I took the Menopause Movement course, read so many books from women and hormonal experts  to help women thrive in this key decade and really impact their lives by embracing aging and its true magic. 

Marion Zesty Bignone

Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer and Creator of Zesty Fitness
London, UK