A mum of 2 boys and a Level 3 Personal Trainer with over 20 years in the industry. Level 3 Ante/Post Natal Trainer, TRX, 200hr RYT Yoga Instructor and Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach.  

Being a working single mum I appreciate that time is valuable and that prioritising yourself often leaves you last on the list of all your other priorities. However, I soon realised that if i didn't prioritise my fitness and in turn my physical health, then my mental health took a battering and I was no good to anyone. The idea of investing time and money into myself seemed selfish, but a necessity. The longer I spent taking care of myself, the stronger and more confident I began feeling in myself and happier in the process. I see this process reflected time and again in the clients I see. All too often we take a backseat for everyone else's needs except our own, until one day we wake up and ask "what about me?"

I want to change that. I don't think "getting fit" is just about an aesthetic. I think it is so many things, it's improving our mental health, it's reducing pain in our bodies, it's finding better movement and mobility, it's understanding how to properly fuel ourselves for longevity, not just for a 12 week beach body transformation, it's reversing decades of poor health and most importantly it's about creating stronger, more flexible and happier humans. That's not much to ask for ourselves. 

"Regardless of age, health or circumstances, everyone should be able to find something they enjoy and feel the positive benefits of movement. "

Becoming a menopause movement specialist enables me to offer my female clients the best possible support and advice and backs up so much of what I believe is important, that in order to manage this season of our life we must engage in activity that strengthens us from within as well as nourish ourselves with good quality whole foods. I cannot wait to help you make the most of this time in your life. 

Maddy Bowler

Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor