I have been passionate about sport since I was a child but after I left school and moved to London, I put exercise on the back burner. I joined gyms with great intentions but would always find an excuse not to go. London was not about being stuck in a gym!

When I became pregnant with my first son I knew I had to do something about my fitness so I joined a pilates class and swam twice a week. Slowly but surely I began to feel the benefits. We moved out of London to a little village in Oxfordshire. However it wasn’t until after my second son was born that I realised I needed to get back into shape.

I could only have hoped for the results I got. I lost the baby weight, my body toned up and my energy levels returned. Not to mention a degree of pride and self-esteem. Through this I thought maybe I could show other parents that all is not lost when sometimes you think, “Oh, what’s the point?” and you’re just too tired to think about exercise.

I completed my Level 2 and Level 3 certificates in Personal Training and realised that group fitness was my niche. I was lucky to start out with a fantastic group of parents at my sons’ school. The ease and convenience to drop-off their children at school and then pop around the corner to a class was a major plus point for them.

Moving onto Zoom during the pandemic was a challenge but now that I'm there it has turned out to be very convenient for my clients and I have people from Edinburgh and New Zealand who join classes each week.

I also run Fitness/Wellness retreats in Turkey and the UK and completed the fabulous Movement Menopause course on the importance of fitness during menopause and incorporate that into my classes and retreats.

I want my clients to believe that it IS possible to get back in shape after babies, or at any stage in life and that being a certain age isn’t a hindrance.

Lucinda Ankarcrona

Fitness Instructor