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I came into the fitness industry in my mid-thirties, having found a love for fitness later in life.  I hated all exercise and sports as a child and it wasn't until I started kickboxing at 27 that I finally found something I loved and stuck at!  From there I decided that I wanted to spread the love of movement and exercise to all non-believers and left my corporate job to qualify as a Personal Trainer and started my own business. 

My approach as a trainer has evolved throughout my career, to the now, holistic nature of my coaching.  From starting out as a mother to four young children, to now balancing on the edge of perimenopuase myself, my own life experiences have helped me to relate to and understand the clients I work with, enabling me to support them in realising and meeting their goals. 


Lorraine Smith

Fitness & Wellbeing Coach
Birmingham, UK