Moving through menopause isn't always the easy path we'd hope for - and crash diets, gruelling exercise routines and retreating in your shell aren't the way ahead.

I help women to feel strong and confident in their bodies, and brains, using a combination of nutritional therapy, movement and mindset.   

Exercise is a dirty word....

Quite often women see 'exercise' as a form of punishment - something they have to do to lose weight, get fit or stay healthy.  

I firmly believe that fun needs to be at the top of our agenda when looking at ways to move at any time in our life, but especially through our peri- and post-menopausal years.

Rather than viewing exercise as something to make us look a certain way, I focus on how you want to feel.

Combining that with an approach to food and drink that you can sustain, whilst still enjoying life and managing any menopausal symptoms you may be experiencing.

And let's not forget your pelvic floor

...the bit no-one wants to talk about, that just gets squeezed behind closed doors when you actually remember.   But every move you do is using your pelvic floor so why not work it all together?   Find your own personal plan to manage your pelvic floor issues or concerns - whether that's sneeze-pee or avoiding trampolines.

Where do you start?

Join me for a private "Get Going" session where we look at your struggles, understand what you'd love to feel and do and come up with the simplest plan possible to get going.

Lisa Gimenez-Codd

Women's health coach
Lincoln, Lincolnshire