Yoga Teacher and Fitness Instructor 

My Yoga journey in 1997 in Brazil as a form of stress relief from a demanding career in the Media Industry. Time went by and I had the pleasure to practice Yoga during my three pregnancies. As family grew it became harder to attend yoga classes and migrating to England increased my stress levels and health issues appeared. That was when my Physiotherapist advised me to appreciate self-care and encouraged me to get back to Yoga and Swimming. Later on, I embarked on a career change and became a Gym Floor Instructor. Started teaching Les Mills BodyBalance which blends disciplines from Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. In 2018 I qualified as Yoga Teacher and followed to specialise in Teen Yoga and Yoga for Over 50+. During lockdown I studied in Menopause Yoga and Qigong and realised it is the blend with other activities that keeps the physical body healthy. I got back to my weights and the pool, incoporated more mindfullness into my daily life for positive perspective on this moment of my life. I made many changes in my diet I can happily say my peri-menopause journey has been a learning curve. I've been delivering workshops, classes and courses on Menopause Yoga with health advice and the feedback has been overwhelming. I am very passionate about making people understand that movement is accessible to everyone and should be present in our daily lives, it also goes hand in hand with a good diet and a positive mindset.  

Liana Oldham

Yoga Teacher
Essex, UK