I am an online weight loss, fitness & nutrition coach and personal trainer, specialising in working with ladies predominantly over the age of 40 years.

My passion is in helping ladies become confident, happy and healthy in their own skin, to become the woman they have always aspired to be, by changing their lifestyle and adding exercise into their life, not by fad diets or quick fixes that do not last, but by hitting their goals in a way that works for them around their life and their struggles.

I believe the power to a happy and healthy life is to love who you are and to feel good in every way, every single day so we can look at our futures with excitement.  

I love that I can now share my knowledge as a menopause specialist through what I have learned with the Menopause Movement and help ladies realise that age is just a number and they have the power to embrace their journey and their new body and mind.

Kelly Phillips

Online Coach & Personal Trainer
Barnsley, South Yorkshire