I have been a chartered physiotherapist for over 30 years.  During the early part of my career I was very fortunate to have worked in sports medicine treating and working with national athletes. This has enabled me to combine my musculoskeletal skeletal experience with my further physiotherapy training in womens health.  I now work in a private hospital and treat women (Both private and NHS) with various pelvic floor disorders, pre and post natal and peri and post menopausal, including bladder and bowel dysfunction and pelvic pain.  

I became interested in the menopause following my own struggle with 'The change' 10 years ago.  I have attended many courses on the subject which helped me personally and my patients.  The menopause movement team have done an excellent job in creating a course that covers the many facets of the menopause presented in one place.  

My goal is to help menopausal women improve their understanding, function, and activity in daily life, sport and exercise.

Karen Rattray