Being a runner in my late 40's, a business owner and a busy single mum of 3, and someone who truly benefits from an active life, I am dedicated to helping other female athletes continue to achieve all they desire as they get older!

I'm a certified UK Athletics Coach, a Running Technique Coach, qualified PT and a Pre/Post natal Exercise & Nutrition Specialist.

I've been running for over 30 years, have experience in race distances from 5km to marathon, and am currently in training for my first 100k ultra!  I'm actively involved in the national Runsome campaign, encouraging people in my community to lace up their trainers more and use their cars less and it is a privilege and with great honour that I share my love of the sport with others. 

RunningRewire exists so that you can rewire the way you think about your running.  I have a specialist interest in working with women going through menopause. As an athlete in my late 40's, I have experienced first hand how changes to the female body can affect fitness and performance. Rather than letting these changes become a barrier to running and exercise, I help women train more effectively so that they may continue to enjoy running, continue to get stronger, continue to enter events and continue to achieve their goals, regardless of age! 

So why work with me?

I make sure I get to know each and every one of my athletes, whether they train with me in person or remotely. Learning your background, lifestyle and your goals I can then take an athlete centred, holistic approach encompassing strength training, injury prevention and mindset, so that I ensure we find what works best for you. There is no one size fits all when it comes to running and fitness!

Let me help you R U N  S M A R T E R

Jules Scudder

Running Coach