I'm Hannah Horlick, a female focused personal trainer, based in Falmouth, Cornwall. My mission is to make strength training accessible. I empower women to invest something back into themselves. I support women via exercise through massive changes in their lives - whether that is pregnancy, post natal, menopause or something else. I am totally committed to helping people achieve their fitness goals to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I will be your support through the journey.

My path towards becoming a Personal Trainer wasn’t straightforward. I have (nearly) always worked in the world of sport in different capacities, from legal to sponsorship roles. I have worked in Sports Agencies in London and Sydney and at two very prestigious sports clubs - Manchester City Football Club and Sydney Swans Football Club. I obtained my Master Trainers course (Level 4 Personal Training) in Australia and am very proud to have been the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the inaugural Sydney Swans Girls Academy. Since returning to the UK, I have worked at Reach Fitness and for Mobfit. Reach is one of the best gyms in London for group fitness and Mobfit is a company founded on the principle of making office workers happier and healthier. I took my business online during Covid and had a really great group of people from all around the world doing my classes three times per week. Prior to having my daughter I did my pre and postnatal training qualifications and feel truly qualified after my active pregnancy and postnatal journey. I have recently completed the amazing training - Menopause Movement and am working with various clients during this change in their lives. Exercise really is the best medicine.

I endeavour to continue to build my business supporting and empowering women in Cornwall to invest in themselves. I truly believe a consistent exercise practice should be a non-negotiable in everyone's lives.


Hannah Horlick

Female Focused Personal Trainer
Falmouth, Cornwall