I work from an evidence-based perspective, which means I get results; but that doesn’t mean that I neglect the art of movement – effortless, seamless and flowing movement is an art too.  I like to combine the art and science of movement (movement is medicine!).  ​By working with and supporting clients to get moving I help them to get out of pain manage chronic symptoms, and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.  The menopause has 34 recognised symptoms (including those above), so if you are not quite feeling yourself and you want to do something to improve your life and wellbeing so that you feel, well, you again (or perhaps even a better, happier and healthier you) then it is important to know, firstly, that you are not alone and secondly you can do something about it.  The menopause is an amazing opportunity to reset and recalibrate your life, body and mind.

I offer a safe and comfortable environment (online or in person) for us to collaborate together to get you to where you want to be.  We start with an initial consultation to discuss your symptoms, concerns, your diet, how well you are sleeping, your fitness and your general wellbeing.  We will also discuss your specific needs and goals.  From this we will create and agree a programme to help you achieve your goals to enable you to get on and enjoy life.

I am a Pilates mat and equipment teacher and also hold a Level 3 qualification in Bone Health – Osteopenia and Osteoporosis), am a Back4Good® Low Back Pain Practitioner and am a registered BackCare Professional Member.  I also teach Barre.


Caroline Churchill

Pilates and Barre
London and Folkestone