I was born in Italy and I’ve lived in different countries, Singapore for 6 years, Switzerland for 2 years and Sweden now a days, having the pleasure of experiencing new cultures, working and training with fantastic and inspiring colleagues and knowing people with different approaches to fitness.

I took many qualifications in English language and I trained clients coming from many different countries.

I love being healthy and active through exercise and nutrition and helping other women to experience the same, bringing that state from the workout sessions to their everyday life.

I strongly believe being a Fitness Instructor is a life choice and a mission.

During the last two years I've focused my attention, studies and practice to "women over 40", meaning women hitting menopause and peri menopause.

This because I've started myself feeling different experiencing perimenopause and the programs I'm creating for my clients are the ones I primarly experience myself, bringing not just exercises but more deep experiences.

I created my own Online Fitness Studio, doing everuthing myself and following more than 20 women accurately and personally.

A Motto I really believe in is: “Take care of your body, It’s the only place you really need to live ”...At ANY age.


Psychology Degree, University of Padua (2000,Italy)

FISAF international Certified fitness leader and personal trainer (2013, Singapore)

fit thailand certified pregnant & postpartum clients trainer (2016, Singapore)

M.E.T (Movement Efficiency Training) Marcel Daane’s courses certificates of completion (in 2014 and 2015, Singapore)

esa (swiss federal federation of sports) master trainer and expert  specialised in aquatic fitness (2018, Switzerland)

aea (Aquatic Exercise Association) international certified AQUATIC FITNESS trainer (2018, Italy)

The Menopause Movement Qualification Course (2021)




Annalisa Tamborini

Personal and group women over 40 trainer