Alex Reid is a strength & conditioning specialist with over 25 years experience.  Her background includes 10 years in professional football at two Premiership clubs, as well as consultancy with The Football Association, World Rugby, Rugby Football Union and England Athletics.  In addition, Alex has written 3 books on various components of fitness. 

Alex established her business, Perform Fitness S&C Limited in 2008 with her passion being rehabilitation and conditioning.  In recent years Alex has established herself within the corporate world, providing wellbeing initiatives for a number of businesses thoughout the pandemic.  The parallels between high performing athletes and the corporate world has allowed Alex to bring her skills to this environment with good success. 

Her experiences and interests now lead towards helping women in and around the menopause.  Utilising her experiences to help provide conditioning and exercise advice and promote activity within this cohort.  Alex is very excited to help and support this area for women, and make a positive difference to their quality of life and physical futures. 

Alex Reid

Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Wimbledon, London