Too Much, Too Little: Menopause, exercise, disordered eating and weight control

May 25, 2023 3:00 AM

Disordered exercise, goes hand in hand, with disordered eating and for some women they are inseparable.

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Too Much, Too Little: Menopause, exercise, disordered eating and weight control will be held on May 25, 2023. Register now to join.


This webinar is free to view live on 24th May at 7pm. The event will be recorded. The video is free to view for members of our Menopause Movement Network Community in Circle. And available to view, for a fee of £19.99, for non-members via our website 'Shop', on our 'Webinar' page.

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Too Much, Too Little: Menopause, exercise, disordered eating and weight control
on May 25, 2023

Peri to post-menopause weight loss, weight gain, disordered eating and exercise habits

Hormonal changes during menopause are the nemesis for many women's fight for weight control, we talk to a Menopause Movement trained health coach who's specialism is supporting women to achieve a better sense of wellbeing, healthy ageing, and self-care.

This webinar will be raising awareness and starting a discussion around disordered eating recovery, exercise, self-care and menopause. There is no consensus and very little evidence or understanding about how this may impact women into the menopause and we hope this webinar will encourage health and fitness professionals to join the conversation in the Q&A.

Who's in the hot seat?

Cathy Houghton, a health and movement coach from Blossom Health Coaching, who’s niche area is disordered eating, from peri to post-menopause. And as a Menopause Movement graduate, she is now expanding that to include exercise and movement.

During this webinar we take a deeper dive into Cathy’s experience of coaching women with disordered eating and exercise habits and her take on weight control.

We will discuss what exactly does disordered eating mean? Raising awareness of the spectrum of healthy and less health eating and exercise habits.

We will talk about the relationships between disordered eating and exercise, recovery and self-care into the menopause. And look at distressed exercise, to consider at what point does it tip over from being a healthy habit, to taking it too far.

What will you take away from this webinar?

How to change women's mindset for disordered eating and exercise:

Listen to our lively debate and join the online Q&A

Learn how you are best placed as a professional working with menopausal women to help them overcome their barriers to movement and get your questions answered about exercise, disordered eating and weight control from peri to post-menopause.

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Together we can help women move more confidently into menopause!

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