A Complementary Perspective to Menopause and Movement | Chinese Medicine & Yoga 'techniques to destress'

April 24, 2023 7:00 PM

This webinar looks at Chinese medicine and yoga as a complementary treatment for menopause symptoms.

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A Complementary Perspective to Menopause and Movement | Chinese Medicine & Yoga 'techniques to destress' will be held on Apr 24, 2023. Register now to join.


This webinar is free to view live on 24th April at 7pm. The event will be recorded. The video is free to view for members of our Menopause Movement Network Community in Circle. And available to view, for a fee of £19.99, for non-members via our website 'Shop', on our 'Webinar' page.

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A Complementary Perspective to Menopause and Movement | Chinese Medicine & Yoga 'techniques to destress'
on Apr 24, 2023

Chinese Medicine for menopause: Treating women's 'second spring'!

Our spring webinar focuses on women's 'Second Spring' (the Chinese terminology of menopause). We take a deep dive into a Chinese medicine perspective for treating menopause and promoting movement.

Who's in the hot seat?

Cassandra Hawthorne is an acupuncturist with a specialist focus on menopause, oncology and pain management.

Cassandra has a BSc (Hons) MBAcC in Chinese medicine from the Westminster University,London and pursued further postgraduate training in Advanced Oriental Medicine at the Northern College of Acupuncture. She also holds a Chinese herbal medicine Diploma from the Phoenix Academy London.

She specialises in supporting women through menopause and treats many conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain and digestion issues. She also works in the NHS within oncology helping cancer patients with common side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy such as hot flushes, neuropathy and insomnia. Her approach is that prevention is better than cure – that it is far better to focus on optimum health throughout life, instead of waiting until an issue arises and then reacting. 

What you will learn about Chinese Medicine?

Experience a Practical Guided Yoga Relaxation Session!

Back by popular demand is qualified Menopause Yoga Teacher, Sarah Thomas.

With April being Stress Awareness Month – expert menopause yoga teacher Sarah (Menopause Movement trained) will give you some simple and effective ‘techniques to destress’ to add to your tool box. She will talk about the powerful impact of the breath, meditation, mindfulness and at the end of the webinar treat you to a short practical guided session of progressive relaxation.

Listen to our lively debate and join the online Q&A

Learn how you are best placed as a professional working with menopausal women to help them overcome their barriers to movement and get your questions answered about complementary treatments and Chinese Medicine.

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Together we can help women move more confidently into menopause!

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