The Menopause Movement Course | A Step up for Your Business

After completing the Menopause Movement course, Personal Trainer, Tracey Sanderson created her own course, filling a crucial gap in her local community with the result that she’s been inundated with enquiries!

The Menopause Movement Course | A Step up for Your Business

Creating a thriving menopause fitness business with grounded knowledge from Menopause Movement!

Meet Tracey Sanderson, a wonderful member of the Menopause Movement. She's not just a personal trainer but a beacon of positivity in Otley, Leeds, working her magic at the Club Energy Gym. She’s sharing her insights and experiences about making movement a part of the menopause journey. After completing the Menopause Movement course, she created a course, filling a crucial gap in her local community with the result that she’s been inundated with enquiries!

Tracey's own menopause journey was accompanied by some very challenging life events – the loss of her son and a custody battle for her grandson. These difficulties, coupled with weight gain and emotional overwhelm, took a toll on both her physical and mental well-being. Drawing from her past experiences of hitting the gym and embracing exercise, she decided to take that empowering path again. The results were life changing!  The positive impact on her health was so profound that she found herself not only shedding pounds but gaining a newfound energy and zest for life.

With the support and encouragement of those around her, Tracey was spurred on to take a new direction in her mid-50s, training to become a personal trainer. She embodies the resilience and strength that can emerge even amidst life's toughest challenges. And as Tracey herself beautifully sums it up, "In the midst of life's ups and downs, exercise has truly been a game-changer for me."

The Menopause Movement CIMSPA training course
Tracey Sanderson

Learn from Tracey's experience about building a menopause-centred fitness business


Q: What inspired you to develop your PT training centred around menopause?

A: My personal experience of going through menopause without any prior knowledge or preparation motivated me. I'm dedicated to helping fellow women feel empowered, strong, and in good health during this phase of life.


Q: How has the Menopause Movement course changed what you do?


A: I noticed the lack of personal trainers addressing menopause locally. On completing the Menopause Movement course, I designed a 6-week 'Reclaim Your Menopause' program. My first group has just begun, and I’ve got a waiting list for upcoming courses.


Q: What are your clients key needs?


A: Those I work with recognise the signs – like brain fog, weight changes, and reduced strength – that come with approaching menopause. They’re proactively looking to manage symptoms, bolster mental health and well-being, and enhance their physical strength, which is truly encouraging.


Q: Has the Menopause Movement course expanded your client base?


A: Absolutely! Within two weeks of promoting the course, I received 32 sign-ups and was flooded with enquiries from local women.


Q: What is included in your offering for clients?


A: I deliver small group sessions with a maximum of 6 participants. The six-week program focuses on resistance training, building strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Beyond the program, I create personalized gym and home exercise plans for each client. I've kept the cost accessible, with a fee of £57 for the course.


Q: How did you go about promoting your menopause training classes?


A: I shared course details on local Facebook groups, my own Facebook page, Next Door, and Instagram. Additionally, the gym where I hold the sessions, Club Energy Otley, promoted the course.


Q: What are your plans for the future?


A: After successfully launching the course, I'm considering the possibility of taking this menopause training online. I've received feedback from friends in other regions about the lack of similar offerings, so I’m optimistic there might be an opportunity to address that gap.

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August 2023



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